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What is it? What does it do? How can it help me?


RomanticHealth​ focuses on the underlying causes of your health issues. It will help alleviate and reduce symptoms, but it's pre-eminent concern is to identify and remove the causes themselves. Anything other than causal-based treatment, however 'natural' and 'holistic', is only palliative and temporary. To truly get healthy is to systematically treat for the causes using a rational, sequential approach that comes from a detailed map.

There are various types of causes that apply to everyone. The extent to which they apply will vary from person to person, which is what makes each case both typological and unique. 

RomanticHealth has a wide and deep understanding of the many factors that can and often are involved in illness. This allows a RomanticHealthcare practitioner to identify the causes that are involved in your case, and then to create a comprehensive map and strategy for systematically treating for and removing them. 

Learn more about the causes that are involved in illness here. This is a page for treating kids with autism, but the causes apply to any and all conditions, regardless of the label. 

This creates an individual health plan for you and each member of your family. You can find out more about creating your health plan at

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