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My daughter's development has absolutely gone crazy! Her teachers, OT, and speech therapist are in awe. We had an extremely tough clear and had to do an acute core. After that, it was if she woke up a completely different child in every way. She is speaking in full sentences, playing with peers, negotiating with me on a regular basis, and no longer has transitioning issues. I wished I would have recorded the before and after. We feel so blessed by the gains!

I am just feeling so grateful this week. My son at 12 months was diagnosed with oral-motor, severe receptive and expressive delays and had some sensory and social development issues prior to 12 months and last week he actually was assessed again at 25 months and is meeting ALL milestones!!! Ahh! I just cannot believe the progress in the last year. He wants to play with kids and makes better eye contact now and has a great sense of humour. We still struggle with some OCD and anxiety and constipation but i can see those improving with each passing month. One happy mama! I feel i can finally relax and enjoy my son.

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